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The State We're In: Washington (Grades 3-5 Edition)

The State We're In: Washington (Grades 3-5 Edition)

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This edition of The State We’re In: Washington is a civics/history textbook designed for elementary grades 3-5 and is ADA-compliant. It’s many colorful images, descriptive pictures and graphics not only enhance the text but demonstrate the ethnic and geographic diversity of our state. The book is interesting to read. It includes chapters on how the early explorers affected the Tribes, some details about early explorers who arrived by ship, the Lewis and Clark Expedition and other items required for these grades. It includes a chapter about how Tribes governed themselves pre-contact and a chapter about how Tribes govern themselves today. It also tells how tribes interact with state and local governments.

Other chapters describe how our state was formed, how local and state governments work and how governments effect the natural world. It is designed to help students learn who makes the rules in our homes, schools, cities and state and how they can have a part in making decisions that affect their lives.

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Product Details:

Publisher: The League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-878170-06-4
Softcover: 184 pages
Book Dimensions: 8" x 10"
Reading Age/Grade Level: 3rd grade and up
Author: Jill Severn
Other Formats: EPUB3, PDF, Thin Common Cartridge, and SCORM Package

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